Forex Bank Trading Strategy – Day Trading Forex Strategies

Forex Bank Trading Strategy – Day Trading Forex Strategies

Forex Bank Trading Strategies – Only 10 bank control more the 50% of the daily volume in the forex market. Understanding …


  1. real forex traders trade for a living. forex "teachers" are failed traders.

  2. But don't you think that it's not a manipulation, the price rises before a big drop is because peoples Stop Losses are being kicked out? This causes large jumps in the chart before reversal.

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  6. this makes sense.

  7. That;s a fake head.

  8. Time Compression Trading destroys this theory…how can an over the counter market and zero sum market be minipulated…conspiracy!!!!

  9. Very good video sir ! 

  10. DayTradingForexLive

    You mean to tell me that you believe that an indicator like Bollinger Bands is reliable and the markets are not manipulated? They flow on the bands huh? Sorry to break the news to you but all markets are manipulated. How its done is different with each but you are missing a ton if you believe they are not.

    I will say we have a member that uses them as confluence but looks for the manipulation first.

    Good luck with the BBs


  11. Northumberland Post

    Great video!

  12. I know, with a 70% trade win rate, that non-manipulation are very profitable and you should take the set up every time. With regards to manipulation, I call them failed set ups, they are very profitable for if you entered a trade and loss, you still gain something from the losing trade, which is information of where the market is going. 

  13. DayTradingForexLive

    There are a few keys. First and foremost is the overall smart money cycle. This gives us the direction we are looking for and thus the side of the manipulation we are looking for. There is a bunch of other info on the site linked below the video if you want further info….also the other videos on the channel. Hope this helps!

  14. How do you justify that third slide there are break out of the accumulation all through out it? How is "the manipulation" any different than the other quick pushes out except that it paid off?

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