Day Trading Forex Live – Bank Trading Entry Strategy – July 15th 2014

Day Trading Forex Live – Bank Trading Entry Strategy – July 15th 2014

Confirmation Entry Day Trading Strategy –
Forex Bank Trading Course –

During the live New York training session from July 15th 2014 we covered the confirmation entry in depth. One of the most important aspect of tracking market manipulation is first being able to identify likely points the manipulation could occur at. After identifying these high probability points you must then have a set criteria to validate the manipulation and take the trade, or to avoid it.

The entry technique we use to day trade market manipulation is the confirming entry. If you are learning to trade forex I would highly recommend this entry strategy. Whether you are a beginner in the forex market or a pro forex trader this training video will benefit you.

Those who are still learning to trade forex will benefit greatly due to the mechanical nature of the confirmation trading technique. The confirmation entry is mechanical in nature once a manipulation point is reached. As such, all of the discretion that normally plagues beginner forex traders is taken out.



  1. Hi there, the author of this video, I would like to know what is the physcology of this entry, what is the significance of the price closing below the stop run bar at a level?

  2. Tilia Hernandez

    Man, you TALK TOO MUCH !!!
    Learn to talk w/o the mountain of FLUFF you inject into your information.
    LESS IS MORE when describing new material …:)

  3. Hi Sterling,

    Great presentation.

    I am a little unclear on two points and would appreciate any clarification you may be able to provide.

    1) if the 1st stop run candle (SRC) has occurred and another candle follows, with an equal or lower body high but a higher body low than the original SRC, is this a new SRC?

    2) When a new SRC occurs, does the high of the new stop run candle (even if a lower high) replace the high of the original SRC when determining the pullback or should I continue to use the original SRC high?

    Thanks Sterling!

    I appreciate any feddback you may wish to provide.

  4. Md. Anisul Haque

    Hello Sterling,
    Can you please clarify the below things-

    1. You showed a marked line of 1.6000 which is the manipulation point. But how will I find the manipulation point in the chart? What are the criteria?

    2. You asked to take the trade 15 pips away from the high. But 15 pips away from which candle's high? And from which candle shall I put my Stop Loss?

    3. Once the trade is taken, where shall I put the Take Profit?

    Looking forward from you. Thanks you.


  5. Claudville Derby

    Could this strategy be used for NADEX Binaries?

  6. Great video Sterling , I've been able to test this strategy on the EUR/USD with a 1:2 risk:reward ratio just by looking at levels where price turned before.
    I've tested 38 days worth of real data from TradingView (so I know it's legit); so far I'm right 53.06% of the time and when the chart gets too clogged with levels I just wipe them, leaving only the ones that worked.
    One thing baffles me though, what if (after confirmation) the market initiates a stop run on the same level and forms the pattern which then confirms in the opposite direction, kind of like an 'N' shape scenario?
    I've had multiple stop runs and confirmations occur on the same level one after another, as if the market oscillates on that level before really going anywhere.
    What are your thoughts?

    P.S. How do I become a member?

  7. Revenge of Randall Flag

    Just found your site, gotta agree most vids too short!

  8. Christopher Williams

    Hey Sterling! Would you care to point me to some proof that the Market Maker is controlling the prices like Steve Mauro is suggesting? I never heard of the MM, in this regard until Steve. I feel that you're a much better teacher than Steve, but I would love to have some proof. Everything that I heard that was mentioned by you and Steve can be explained by the simple idea of price action. The reason why I'm skeptical of the MM is because hundreds and hundreds of professionals that worked for major banks and are very successful traders never heard of the MM in this regard. Also, if the MM has that much power, it would be like having a money machine and the business statements should be able to support this. One more thing, how does the MM coordinate with all of this volume being aligned? I don't think major banks talk, but again, I could be wrong. :)

  9. The problem is, in this method, the hi-probability level has to be drawn with hi-precision so we can say the candle broke above 3 PIPs. In reality there is no such a precise LEVEL we can determine, but there are hi-probability ZONES for market reversals, and those zones can sometimes have as high as 50 PIPS height.  Under these conditions, 3 pips, 15 pips does not make sense. How do you draw the level exactly? Other than that, it looks to me that the information contained here is a good recap of candlestick reversal patterns.

  10. Hi, you have any video's on how to identify manipulation points? I can't seem to find them

  11. BladeRunner31415

    What a load of bollocks

  12. Good day Sterling Suhr.. Do you guys having problems with the Daytradinglive website?

  13. Good day sir just a follow up question, is this on any currency pair also
    Furthermore if we trade a certain currency pair should we be at that currencies session, for instance if we trade the JPY pairs should we look to trade that with your set up at the Asian session only etc
    or say the EUR pairs at the Euro session only etc.
    Please respond sir, sorry for all the question.

  14. Good day sir, should the trade set_up happen around the end of the Asian and beginning of Euro session everytime as you had previously stated, or any session etc. ???

  15. Good day sir, should the trade set_up happen around the end of the Asian and beginning of Euro session everytime as you had previously stated, or any session etc. ???

  16. Hey mate your confirmation entry rule works nicely. It has saved my butt a few times this week

  17. Dd you know how to get to the point?

  18. please may i know the best time frame, and is it works at the daily time frame? thanks

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