Best Scalping Forex Strategy 2016

Best Scalping Forex Strategy 2016

best scapling strategy 2016 with simple strategy use indicator parabolic sar and stochastic oscillator. With NO DEPOSIT BONUS IFX 2016 (bonus up to $100) you can make profit with this strategy. and you can get more additional profit with Big Rebate 1.75 pip/trade.

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    is there any tips for take profit or close position?

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  21. it's very rare and takes too much time… not worth waiting hours for just 10 pips

  22. regardless of anyone's opinion here this strategy evidently works

  23. all indicators lag and are of no use unless you locate divergences. Price action can make you money but indicators will only lose you money.

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    why of all did you name it as "mumbai scalper" strategy?? 🙂 i stay just 100 kms away from Mumbai 🙂

  31. you're just picking the trades that go into profit neglecting all the other trades that failed. what filter are you using for bad trades. Tell the people

  32. Hi Abdul, Thanks for sharing it. But i have a question, Can we use this strategy on 5m charts? or is it only accurate on the 15m charts only?

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  34. this startgey use only eurusd or any pair.? tell me plz

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