Best Forex Strategy Trend Trading

Best Forex Strategy Trend Trading

Welcome to in this video I look again at the subject of Forex trend trading. This is one of the Best Forex Trading Strategies out there

Trend trading is an enormous and widely misunderstood trading technique and one which has been proven to work over the short and long term. Large trading houses now have stats going back over 800 years and have proven that trend trading is one of the most profitable strategies which might on occasions go to sleep but always always comes back with a vengeance.

Who can remember the recent rallies in Gold or Oil and their sharp declines? All of that is trend trading and if you can ride that trend then you can take money out of the market.
Trend a trading is used as a principal trading activity by some of the largest trading houses in the world, and these people make money, a lot of it. So I suppose we should listen to them then
Trend trading is also something which crosses all time frames irrespective of whether or not you are a day trader, swing trader or even weekly trader. Trends exist as trends within trends.
The objective of this video is to educate you and to alert you to my presence and my website www.exacttrading.coma and the various methods that I trade there, one of which is the Big Candle trading – a simple yet effective trend trading method.
Please do view the video – watch it right to end as there as some amazing techniques and facts which most people simply won’t tell you and which I give just like that.
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  1. Really liked this video. Interested in trend trading. I'll check out your site. Thanks.

  2. Evening Paul, is there any way we can see proof of your employment at the banks you claim to have worked for? Baring in mind I can make a video recording of myself in front of a bank HQ but that it doesn't define me as having been employed by them

  3. Great video as always. Thanks for your effort!

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