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In this video, I wanted to walk you through the analysis step by step and show you the trades in the live room today.
One day trade and one swing trade.

Very profitable day today but more importantly, both trades were “good” trades as they were trades that met my trade plan rules.

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I’ll see you in the live room!



  1. Your system looks like a spider net, but you are the spider, right? :))) very good if you earn cash on this.

  2. you didn't mention how many lots your trading. Standard, Mini, or Micro. 100 pips on micro is 10.00.. 100 pips on standard is about 1,000.00

    100 pips standard lot is a lot harder to get than micro.

    Experience traders will know why it's not easy trading forex. slippage, news, and more things that can affect trades. charts are ok if you are trading small lots, for bigger lots it's better to use price action method. IMO

    trade micro and make 20.00 a day or know how to trade standard lot and make 500.00 a day…

  3. What software do you use to analyze charts before you enter trade? I mean the one you show on your videos. Thank you.

  4. Hey jason, wat do u say about placing two positions on the same trade where u take one for the first target and u let the other one roll for the second target such that when target one hits the first position closes out and u roll the second position to break even. (assuming u divide equally the risk)

  5. In trading if you don't guess you will make money the chart have clues for you to make buy or sell .

  6. which platform is that?

  7. Steve Patterson

    Yes I agree anyone can trade Forex but 1% of them make a living from it while the other 99% gamble and guess. The one thing i like about you though Jason is that your at least humble and don't come off like a schmuck selling an easy lifestyle. Cheers

  8. jason, i am subscribed to syndicate, but where do i see london live room? could not find..

  9. good yen trade

  10. Hi! How can I follow on tradingview?

  11. Jason just curious but how much do you usually trade for one trade?

  12. Green Bulls Red Bears

    good video

  13. Ayyee it's nice to see them do an analysis on a trade I took as well.
    Caught about 110 pips total on 5 entries on EurJPY today. $1100 in an hour. I took profit 30 pips from my initial Take profits smh

  14. Aussie rolled over nicely today..Also tamed the beast for a few pips..

  15. anyone can lose money

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