Advanced Forex Bank Trading Strategy Results – January 2016

Advanced Forex Bank Trading Strategy Results – January 2016

DTFL Forex Day Trading Course –

January was probably one of the toughest months of trading we have had in the last 9 months of doing these “month end results” videos. One of my favorite quotes from the series “Floored” says that its not about who makes the most but rather who loses the least. If you think about your past trading experience I’m certain most people reading this have have weeks or even months of consistent success, but then what happens? One day things start going down hill and you lose all your hard earned gains in a tenth of the time it took you to acquire it. This illustrates the power of the paraphrased quote above.

As that point relates to the DTFL bank trading strategy and day trading in general, you have to have a trading strategy that is able to deal with down time. Regardless of your trading strategy and style, you will go through times where the market produces a drawdown or at the very least sideways growth. During this month as well as February, we had exactly that.

Here is the important part, even during a very tough market for us, the strategy was still profitable. If you can still be profitable during even your worst months then you have a very robust trading strategy that will stand the test of time. Remember you are not a profitable trader if you make money for a month or even a few months. Profitable traders are the traders who make money over many many years. For this type of success you need a strategy that has small draw downs during even the toughest month.

As a conclusion to this video, this is the 9th month of trading which brings us to a compounded gain of +195% account growth during this period of time.



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  3. do use fibonacci retracements levels and harmonic patterns with high and low points that will later retrace at that point and reverse

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