In this interview I share a simple story that can be related to the trading principle of not chasing price. Trade with precision, be patient and be professional!

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  1. Do you make over 6 figures a year?

  2. Great advice given here. Thank you

  3. Hi Samuel . I enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for taking your time uploading them. I'm thinking of trying spread betting . Can you recommend any trusted UK brokers please .

  4. Great video man

  5. where were you before??!!

  6. Hello Samuel, Are you are swing trader or daily trader..?

  7. Thx for these encouraging videos Samuel. I have been trading demo with Trading 212 and have grown an account from 10,000 to 12,400 in two weeks but now I realise I just had some luck and in the long term my far from workable strategy cannot prevail. I am very eager to learn in the way you mention in your videos and are willing to study charts and price action.
    Waiting patiently for the market to come to you makes perfect sense to me and having spent many yrs practicing the guitar to become a very advanced player I clearly see the same level of commitment is required to become a confident trader which is what I want. I do not want to be 'on the edge' type of trader who is always chasing to recover losses and all the negative extreme emotion that goes hand in hand with that.:)

  8. Thank you for making this video:))

  9. look at this dude, 6 screens, 4 charts on the wall… all line no candle. Give me a mother effing monitor.

  10. I've always compared trading to being a sniper. Waiting for the exact trigger to pull the trigger. Most of your time trading should be waiting, NOT trading, as counterintuitive as this sounds it's what it is all about. We are programmed to believe
    financial reward comes from activity, from doing something. In many businesses this is true. In trading it is the opposite.
    You plan the trade and wait.Sometimes your trade gets triggered quickly but often it does not. Good traders spend most of their time planning and subsequently waiting. One thing that kills many traders is getting into a trade early and " hoping "
    the trade will work. This usually fails.

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    Stop pretending that you are any sort of trader – you are shit – and we can see that.

  12. I like the sniper example. Great video and very practical swing trading strategy.

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    another great Advice patience is the key

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    Great video

  15. hi friend good video which indikator good workkıng tell me pls……

  16. Cherry picker!

  17. Great video man!

  18. The hockey example is one of the best I have heard on waiting for the right opportunity to act.  It highlighted that the goal of trading.

  19. Great Video. I don't know anything about trading , I would like to learn. How do I learn to trade?

  20. I'm just starting my trading journey and ran across your videos. I love your attitude and insight ! Continued success big man !

  21. Great

  22. Great analogies! Particularly the sniper analogy. It seems to me its all about choosing your state of being as a trader if I understand the analogy correctly.

  23. Hi Samuel I love your videos.  They are real life experiences.  I am a trader myself and can relate to everything you say.

  24. Good stuff!

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