A beginners guide to Forex trading

A beginners guide to Forex trading

Everything else I know about trading – http://johnkdevries.com/forex-trading

If I was going to start over trading Forex, this is exactly what I would do. To any of you who follow the channel, the steps outlined in this video basically describe all of the work that I did before I started trading with real money. It took me about 6 months to follow these steps. Depending on how much time you have, I imagine it will take you around the same amount of time. Though, I’m sure you could accelerate the process if you were motivated.

5 Steps For Beginners to Forex Trading:
1. Read the Baby Pips Tutorials – http://www.babypips.com/school
2. Open a demo account.
3. Test everything.
Forex Tester – http://www.forextester.com/
4. Open a small live account.
5. Trade live for 6 months with small trade sizes.


  1. have you ever shown a loss with your robots?

  2. Jackson Wesley

    Trading with genuie brokers is awesome, I never imagined making $30k in less than a week.. Wow am on the move to $50k next week. All thanks to Mr Michael for his trading strategy and guidelines. I have never lost a single trade with him all because of his great strategy.

  3. Theodore Hall

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  4. Keystone Ski Guy

    Question Sir:

    Could you do a video on the range of performance of some of your typical robot systems, giving the number of trades per month, win / loss percentages, range of pips risked and returned. I am trying to understand how such a trading strategy works for you. Thanks

  5. Great vid! Execptionnaly well timed in my case haha!

    I was wondering something tho, doesn't trading software like metatrader has built-in tester? are they not good enough?

  6. Teodor Kiryakov

    Bro, love your videos, watched a lot of them.
    But what mic are you using? The sound seems a bit low quality

  7. Alessandro Zambon

    forex tester is definitly one of the best tool ever to learn and test your "strategies". you cant cheat with that you know 😉

  8. I would say more 4 5 years at least none profit, but educating your self. 3 to 4 month is for traders who has guru by your side to show you who.

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