90 – 100% ITM 15 Minute Strategy for Binary + Forex

90 – 100% ITM 15 Minute Strategy for Binary + Forex

This is a simple strategy using a 15min chart and a four wave market movement, off which, you can trade both forex and binary.


  1. William Dunlop

    AND can i use this on the 1 hour chart

  2. William Dunlop

    And if u do how do you determine the waves

  3. William Dunlop

    Do you still use this

  4. alisson batista

    How do I get this system?

  5. Shiva Krishnan

    Hope you guys caught the GBP drop. If you study GPB/AUD and GBP/NZD, they show you in price action that they already are aware of the direction price will take after the news. Captured nice 50 pips on each.

  6. Hi Shiva, thanks for the video. How would I know the remaining time left for the present candle before placing a trade.

  7. Honestly is so much easy to understand now is like 3D chart thx so much now is working so much better I don`t even use the indicator exp the 6 EMA and fractal.

  8. Can you use a bigger arrow pointer its very irritating when you speech is faster than the pointer or otherwise.

  9. I could not understand how to trade your strategy, you are talking a lot man, but useless. Instead take a live chart, e.g. MT4 and open live trades, at least 3-4 to show your 100% win rate which I guess in only on price history..it is easy to talk when you have a history and say hey guys, I would do that and that..But in real trading you do not know how the price will move, right?

  10. On binary options, how long is my position has to be?

  11. i am so confused about what exactly is ITM% . Is it based on a total of 10 or 100 trades? Also if my broker payout is 70% how much ITM % is needed to be profitable? Thank you

  12. Morshedul Alam

    Will you update this Shiva?

  13. Edille Rosario

    Shiva which broker do you prefer iqoption or 24option in your own personal experiece?

  14. About time I land on a 'strategy' video with no scummy affiliate links to brokers. Thank god. Subbed.

  15. Thomas biladeau


    It would be great to say when there a good trade to trade on Nadex.

  16. Subhrajit bhattacharjee

    can it be drawn in a 5 min chart?

  17. Steve invisible

    SIR STILL caant understand you???

  18. ahmedq shadaw

    bullshit no one can know that the trend is over from fucking conslidation

  19. Mark Venckeleer

    Thanks so much for the video Shiva. I have one a question. When plotting the EMA 6, it asks for a period, which am assuming is the "6" but right after that there is a box indicating "shift". Is there a number you suggesting I put in that box specifically? And then the just to be clear the others are "exponential" and "apply to close." Thanks again so much.

  20. Hi
    Could you please help me to find a regulated broker for Australia?

  21. Deniz Pocinka

    Great video!

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