1 2 3 Trend Reversal Pattern – Day Trading Forex Live

1 2 3 Trend Reversal Pattern – Day Trading Forex Live

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Learn to determine the short term direction in the forex market using the 1,2,3 reversal strategy. This forex day trading pattern effectively identifies trend reversal points, and allows you to profit from changes in the current trend!




    Please indicate the results of trade in a few months, as I did. To make people believe you. See my recent results and you will be surprised!

  2. Great explanation ! Thanks.

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  4. What is the importance of the 3 MA's ? Also what is your criteria for a 1-2-3 Pattern? I can see 1-2-3 Patterns you ignored in this video that would have you breaking even at best or coming out negative at worst.

  5. Sir, where can we know the trend is reversal?
    Is it the first retrace breakout, or
    Third breakout?
    I think it is similar to inside bar trading strategies.. Is it?

  6. DayTradingForexLive

    Yes it can be seen on any time frame. Much of what time frame you trade it on will come down to each individual traders personality. Along with larger take profits come larger stop losses. Overall the biggest key to success is your risk to reward ratio. Its great to make 100 pips but if you risked 200 pips to do so it will never stand the test of time. As far as R/R is concerned this can be achieved no matter what your profit target is. Happy trading.


  7. 1 2 3 pattern can used at any time frame..but the bigger time frame more pips u get..suggest you to combine it with fibo expansion..

  8. DayTradingForexLive

    The moving averages I have on my chart are the 200EMA as well as the 60EMA. Many of our members use our strategies in other markets as most markets function in a very similar way. You can also check out the link to our site in the description as we have many more articles and training videos there outlining our strategies. Happy trading!


  9. which moving average is this? which pair? can we use it in commodity market also?

  10. which time is this sir? and which time frame?

  11. This works great on the EUR/USD just been the NY open and after till London Close exit at 127 and 161 fib expansion levels for a decent 30-70 pip moves per session!

  12. Good explain..Keep it up..Thank you..

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